Viccino Pizzeria: Nice but pricey

So I hit the annual, virtually un-advertised, Jazz Festival in Toronto’s east-end one July weekend.  It’s a huge festival that shuts down about 15 city blocks and sees close to a million people take it all in.  Maybe it doesn’t need any formal advertising after-all.

Anyway, it was a great day to be outside.  Sun shining, hot temperatures, lots of great music coming from all corners from Jazz to Cuban and of course, pretty good food to be consumed.  Especially, from this new place that just opened up.  Take a look at the video, then read on below.

Viccino Pizzeria has a fantastic looking interior, great feel to the place with light jazz playing in the back making it extra cozy.  Been reading up on this place not having a bar and a license to serve alcohol, but we didn’t care.  Also been reading up on many people feeling frustrated about poor service.

Truth is, we found the opposite to be true. Our waitress was great and the duo they had serving always seemed to be communicating to each other and making everyone happy.  It got packed pretty quickly too and everyone seemed happy with the experience.

Promethean Pizza

As for the food, it was pretty good too.  We kept it simple and ordered some cheese bread and a Margherita.  Wood oven, thin crust and loaded with flavour.  I always like giving the new guy on the block a chance.  It’s tough going up against the big boys who’ve had a chance to establish their product for, ohhhh about 50 years, or so.

Clearly enjoying the pizza

Good forViccino.  I support the little guy any chance I get.  And in this era of the big guys swallowing up the little guys every chance they get, it’s hard enough to survive.

Don’t get me wrong, it wasn’t a perfect experience.  That’s a rarity. The price of a large was pretty insane, checking in at around $19!  But the bottom line is:  I would go again. With friends. To split the outrageous cost.

Viccino Pizzeria and Restaurant on Urbanspoon

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3 thoughts on “Viccino Pizzeria: Nice but pricey”

  1. Thank you for your great feedback, Viccino’s pizzeria is a small family business and we really appreciate your support, my father Ash is willing to give you a free large pizza of your choice the next time you come in to the restaurant. A quick update, we are now fully licensed to serve alcohol :)

    Thank you so much!

    Viccino’s Pizzeria

  2. hey so i went to viccinos with the fams and i loved it, they have a couple deals laid out for people if you ever go with 2 -4 people and wanna have a couple beers or wine maybe even a cocktail if its really nice weather, but all in all. great experience. your reviews are on key and truthful. thank you

  3. @Boran, thanks my friend! WHo should I ask for the next time I come in? Looking forward to it. Pizza is very good.
    @Adam, thx for the feedback, glad you had a great experience

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