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A Canadian experience: Culture shock for East Coasters headed west

In Canada, Maritimers often leave an idillic backdrop for better opportunities further west. But when they get there, many experience an unexpected culture shock upon arrival.

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5 things you need to know if you’re travelling with your pet over the holidays

Traveling with your pet over the holidays? Guest Writer Liz Hadfield gives you 5 things to consider that will make everyone’s holiday experience go smoothly.

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5 art road-trips you should do from Toronto this Fall

Alana Taylor loves art. She’s especially passionate about Canadian Artists who create incredible pieces. In this article, she shares her 5 art road trip adventures around Southern Ontario that you should take this fall!

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Travel + Lyme Disease – Joanna’s story, her struggle and what you should know to prevent it from happening to you

In June 2014, while on a wine tour in Niagara, Joanna experienced something that would change her life forever. Joanna shares her story of how she got Lyme Disease, the struggles she continues to face and what you can do to prevent it from happening to you.

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5 road trips from Toronto you should do this summer!

Are you hungry for a NEW weekend getaway from Toronto this summer? Here are 5 road trip adventures around Southern Ontario that you should take while the weather is hot!

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Mini donuts. Mini cakes. Mini eclairs. Oh YES!

Mini donuts, mini cakes, mini eclairs. Indulge your sweet tooth with bite size sweets from a few of the best bakeries in Toronto.

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Chicken Feet. Duck Embryo. Deep Fried Pigeon. Oh my!

By: Jim Bamboulis As a Food Photographer, I get the chance to meet great people and eat great food. But I have to admit that my latest project made me … Continue reading

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Tripping it in Kensington Market in Toronto

I made a video on Snapchat. In it, I go around town, catch up with a buddy, question some people’s life choices and explain the impact a Canadian TV show had on immigrants to Toronto at that time.

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