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August Road Trips from Toronto – Killbear Provincial Park + Parry Sound

Swim, canoe, hike and bike. All while seeing black bears and white-tailed deer. This. Is. Killbear Provincial Park!

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August Road Trips from Toronto – Lagoon City, Ontario

Lagoon City is one of those places you have to see to believe. Called ‘The Venice of Ontario’, there are 10 miles of lagoons here that are worth the drive and worth the experience!

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August Road Trips from Toronto – Bayfield, Ontario

Bayfield has it all. Serenity, charm, beach and epic sunsets. If you haven’t been to the Huron coast lately, maybe you should make this spot your first stop!

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August Road Trips from Toronto – Paris, Ontario

Charming, beautiful and close to Toronto. 10 photos that prove Paris, Ontario makes for a perfect road trip!

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August Road Trips from Toronto – Port Dover

Port Dover is considered to be Canada’s Cape Cod. With beach, palm trees and famous eats, Port Dover makes for a great road trip from Toronto.

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5 road trips from Toronto you should do this summer!

Are you hungry for a NEW weekend getaway from Toronto this summer? Here are 5 road trip adventures around Southern Ontario that you should take while the weather is hot!

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August Road Trips from Toronto – Long Point Provincial Park

Long Point Provincial Park offers canoeing, bird watching, beach, biking, peace and relaxation. And it’s only 2 hours from Toronto. Read about why Long Point is a road trip you must do.

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August Road Trips from Toronto – Lake on a Mountain

Our August Road Trips from Toronto series continues. This week, we tell you about Lake on a Mountain Provincial Park. It’s on an island and surrounded by beauty. Click, take a look and share!

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August Road Trips from Toronto – Cobourg

Want more road trip ideas? You got it! Throughout August, we’re giving you more destinations just outside of Toronto to visit and love. Including Cobourg, Ontario. Click, read and share.

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5 must-go-to cafes and restaurants on West Queen West

West Queen West is loaded with food, coffee and entertainment options. That’s why we had a local tells us the 5 best places to eat, drink and be happy are along this busy strip.

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Queen Street West – 5 local gems…from a local gem!

Elma B. lives and breathes Queen Street West. So naturally, we asked her to tell us what her 5 local favourites are. From eats to beats and everything in-between, here’s what she said.

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There’s plenty of public art on Queen Street West. And it’s AMAZING!

By: Jim Bamboulis It’s usually said that when Artists move into a neighbourhood, big business will soon follow. Let’s be real here. Artists are the ones who bring a neighbourhood to life, transform … Continue reading

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5 classic bars you gotta hit on Queen Street West this summer!

By: Jim Bamboulis Even if you’re reading this on a Tuesday, odds are you’re still in the mood for a drink, with great music playing in the background all while … Continue reading

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5 places to get some peace and quiet in downtown Toronto

Downtown Toronto. Loads to see with tons of crowds. But there are hidden gems that offer some peace and quiet. Here are 5 places you should visit downtown to get some R+R.

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Hot weekend = Ice Cream Sandwiches!

With summer comes ice cream. With ice cream comes ice cream sandwiches. So, have an Ice Cream Sandwich this weekend!

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Toronto, along the 501 Streetcar Route – Part 5- Historic Queen East

You’ve probably driven through many times but never stopped. Maybe now you will. Historic Queen Street East doesn’t have glitz or finesse but it does have plenty of charm and eccentricity. From The Met to the George Street Diner, this neighbourhood is worth re-discovering.

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Summer + Toronto = Boat Cruise

Every year, thousands hop on the ferry for the annual pilgrimage to the Toronto Islands. This year, I wanted to see the city differently. Here’s how I did it with less time and with less hassle.

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Toronto, along the 501 Streetcar Route – Part 4 -Corktown

Corktown has some of the oldest buildings in Toronto. It also has some of the newest and best public art. If you haven’t been to this part of Toronto in a while, now may be the time.

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Toronto, along the 501 Streetcar Route – Part 3 -Riverside

In Part 3 of our 501 Streetcar Route, we look deeper into Riverside. From classic Canadiana to great food, we give you 4 reasons why you should hit this neighbourhood this weekend (and every weekend).

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Toronto, along the 501 Streetcar Route – Part 2 -Leslieville

Eat, drink and be merry…in Leslieville. Here’s 3 reasons why you should visit this incredible neighbourhood this weekend!

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Toronto, along the 501 Streetcar Route – Part 1 – The Beach

Our 1st neighbourhood in our series, “Along the 501” we explore The Beach. There’s plenty of fun in the sun here but there’s much more. We give you a few more reasons why you should explore one of Toronto’s oldest neighbourhoods.

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4 reasons why you should travel solo

Traveling with someone is great. But sometimes, traveling solo is better, sometimes even life-changing. Here are 4 reasons why you should consider traveling solo on your next trip.

June 2, 2015 · 1 Comment

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