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I took Snapchat for Mexican food

Hey all, If you’re following us on Snapchat (thank you!), then you know that we’ve been having a good time, sharing scenes around Toronto and especially food adventures around town.If you’re … Continue reading

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Newfoundland Collection is up!

Hey all, As promised, we’ve added another photo Collection to our Shop! Our Newfoundland Collection is up. If you haven’t been to St. John’s or Newfoundland, you may be surprised by … Continue reading

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Featured in the Toronto Star!

Hey all, We here at Travel Mammal are very happy to be collaborating with Taking photos of exceptional food and restaurants around Toronto is a pretty kick ass gig. … Continue reading

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Travel Mammal Shop is Open!

Hey all, There’s been some talk over the past little while that we would open up a wee shop (I’ve been reading Billy Connolly’s book about Route 66 – he … Continue reading

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Doing the Grand Canyon…by helicopter!

By: Jim Bamboulis The first time I visited the Grand Canyon was 2004. With  a friend of mine. Flew into Vegas, rented a car and went on an epic road … Continue reading

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Video – Battling the weather in Iceland

By: Jim Bamboulis It was a whirlwind trip around Iceland. In fact, it was hit-the-ground-running at its finest. Admittedly, I saw only a small portion of what this beautiful, rugged … Continue reading

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Featured in the Toronto Star, again!

Hey all, For the past couple of weeks, I’ve had the pleasure of visiting some of the best Mexican restaurants around Toronto…and sampling some of the amazing food on the … Continue reading

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I took Snapchat for Chicken Wings

By: Jim Bamboulis Hey what’s up everybody?! Thanks for stopping by. Pretty exciting to announce that we’re on Snapchat. I know, maybe a bit late to the party but better … Continue reading

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…on VINE

Hey all, Thanks for checking in. If you’re like me, you like to laugh. And you laugh at things that don’t make any logical sense. For me, that’s where a … Continue reading

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5 places to eat along Pape Avenue, the other Greek Town strip

By: Jim Bamboulis For the past few decades, Greek Town has occupied about 20 blocks along Danforth Avenue. Lined with cafes, restaurants, boutique shops and bookstores, Greek Town has become one … Continue reading

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5 places to eat great Italian for less than $15

By: Jim Bamboulis All right, here’s the deal guys. I’m no expert when it comes to food. I’m not a Chef, nor am I a trained food critic with a … Continue reading

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Lake Louise in the winter is magnificent!

By: Jim Bamboulis It’s a funny thing when you have a fixed thought in your mind. Here I was, about to arrive in Lake Louise, with plenty of snow and … Continue reading

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