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Eating where locals eat

Hey all,
I was recently in Monterrey, Mexico in search for a kick ass, local taco joint where locals go to eat authentic Mexican food. Found it and devoured as much as my stomach could hold. This isn’t your local taco bell and this isn’t Tex-Mex. This experience was incredible, an experience not many outsiders have a chance to enjoy. Real Mexican with tacos, done perfectly…as expected! Enjoy the vid.

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One comment on “Eating where locals eat

  1. Kira Braun
    August 25, 2013

    Very much agree with this! In Paris we found the best food, off the beaten track and not typically where a tourist would venture to. Just a few blocks in, in fact, from the main drags where all the lights and ‘hawkers’ are, trying to get you to come inside, you can enjoy authentic Parisian cuisine, at very reasonable prices.
    Our most memorable meal experience was an accidental late night find at “The Metropolitan” on Boulevard Grenelle.

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