10 ingredients you need to make a real Greek Salad

Most people have a hand full of go-to cuisines they can count on to fill a hunger void. I’m a big burger and pizza guy myself but Thai, Mexican and Greek rank up there too.

Give me Chilaquiles or a juicy Gyro and I’m a happy dude.

After all, comfort food is comfort food. And although it feels like a good idea at the time, sometimes I walk away (or even wake up), question why I overdid it (again) and feel guilty that I ate so much of a good thing (again).

But of course, some comforts don’t have to make you feel guilty afterwards.  In fact, some can even make you feel lighter, better, fresher.

Salads are a good example.

The medical and health benefits of salads mixed with chick peas, red beans, figs, clementines, etc. are well documented. And lately, it’s all about the Mediterranean Diet which involves plenty of good-for-you greens.

There’s one salad in particular that strikes a cord with me. You may know it as a ‘Mediterranean Salad’ or even a ‘Greek Salad’ but for those in the know, this salad has a different, more accurate name. And for those who happen to find themselves in a restaurant that offers it, it’s ordered all the time. And for good reason.

It’s simple and delicious.

Its name? The Greek Village Salad. It’s real, authentic Greek. And unlike the typical and often-seen Greek Salad (which has lettuce in it), the Village is not often found in your neighbourhood restaurant. It’s an insider thing.

If you’ve never had or even heard of the Greek Village Salad and want to give it a try, there are a few simple ingredients you can get to make it in your own kitchen. These items are found in every grocery store so there’s no excuse. You can do this. Here’s what you need and here’s what it looks like.

Greek salad Français : Salade grecque*Cucumber
*Onion (white or red)
*Green Peppers
*Feta (Greek)
*Kalamata Olives
*Extra Virgin Olive Oil
*Salt (pinch)
*Your Appetite!

The method is self-explanatory. Mix, toss and eat.  The Greek Village Salad is light, refreshing, authentic and perfected.  It can be prepped and eaten at any time of the year. So just because summer may be over, it doesn’t mean you have stop eating a summer loving salad.

Soak up the juices with your favourite bread and enjoy.  And trust me, you won’t feel guilty over-doing it with this dish.


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