5 places to eat along Pape Avenue, the other Greek Town strip

By: Jim Bamboulis

Courtesy: Folia Grill
Courtesy: Folia Grill

For the past few decades, Greek Town has occupied about 20 blocks along Danforth Avenue. Lined with cafes, restaurants, boutique shops and bookstores, Greek Town has become one of the most popular and expensive neighbourhoods in Toronto.

Courtesy: Greek Grill
Courtesy: Greek Grill

When it comes to restaurants in Greek Town, the selection is decent but the variety is lacking. Sure, there are my go-to’s and if you want the predictable and always satisfying gyro on a pita and flaming cheese, you have your pick; almost all of them offer what you crave. But because of the rising cost of doing business on the Danforth, many businesses have either downgraded in size, shutdown altogether or relocated to a less expensive strip.

Courtesy: Goat Coffee Co.
Courtesy: Goat Coffee Co.

And one of those less expensive strips is Pape Avenue. Running perpendicular to Danforth, Pape has always been an extension of Greek Town. Up until a few years ago, eating out on Pape was tough to come by. There just wasn’t that many decent restaurants; there was little motivation to veer off the main strip.

Courtesy: Tzatziki Restaurant
Courtesy: Tzatziki Restaurant

Don’t get me wrong, Danforth Avenue is still the main draw. If you’re in the mood to take a casual stroll along a beautiful, festive street full of distractions then Pape Ave. is not for you. It’s a boring street, more residential than commercial. You won’t find side by side cafes here. But what you will find is an evolving strip of restaurants that are offering patrons a bit more of a fresher selection than what’s found on the Danforth.

Click on each red marker on the map to read up on why you should check out some of the restaurants on Pape Avenue.

Did we miss one? Drop us a note and tell us what you recommend.

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