I took Snapchat for Mexican food

imageHey all,

If you’re following us on Snapchat (thank you!), then you know that we’ve been having a good time, sharing scenes around Toronto and especially food adventures around town.If you’re on Snapchat, go ahead and add us.

I’ve uploaded some of our stories onto our UTube channel and shared them here on travelmammal.com as well.

Here’s the latest story. I’m collaborating with Toronto.com recently as a Food and Restaurant Photographer. It’s a great collaboration with plenty of perks. But sometimes, plans just don’t work out. So, I decided to story-it-up on Snap. To record my day eating and traveling around Toronto.


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  1. wiringup says:

    Entertaining video. I am very hungry for the avocado monstrouswhich – and feel like I could have no problem finishing it. Yet – I am not sure where to go to satiate my appetite? Where do I go? How did I miss this?

    1. travelmammal says:

      Hey there! Thanks for stopping by. The addresses of each restaurant are in the article. If you can finish that big sandwich in one sitting, all the power to you. 🙂

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