Experience Toronto with a boat cruise

By: Jim Bamboulis

Locals love going to the Toronto Islands every summer. Call it an annual summer pilgrimage. The Islands are an oasis, an escape from the norm. They’re beautiful and offer space to cycle, blade, lay down a blanket, have a picnic or even get naked on the beach.

But if you’re like me and looking for a different way to see the amazing Toronto skyline from the water, the solution is a specialized cruise line. Of course, there are several cruise companies to choose from including Jubilee Queen, Great Lakes SchoonerEmpress and Nautical Adventure featuring the Empire Sandy.

But after years of walking by the ticket booth, I finally decided to do a Mariposa Cruise. This company offers different types of cruise experiences, from brunch and cocktail cruises to wedding and student cruises. Day and night, these guys are always on the move and helping you celebrate your occasion. Their menu lists alone give you a clue about attention to detail and the understanding that a really great time starts and ends with the food.

This time around, I wanted a friendlier, more personable experience on the water. No rushing, no pushing. To enjoy a view of the Islands and see the city without the big lines, big time commitment and hassle. And I wanted to do this without getting off the boat.

Cue the 45-minute Mariposa boat cruise. Smooth, quick, easy, narrated. With similar amazing views of both the city and the beautiful private boats that line the Island shores.

The Oriole is one of 6 in the Mariposa Fleet

So if you have a limited amount of time, want to get out on the water to see the city and the surrounding islands or just experience the bay in a different way, then this is an ideal idea. It’s convenient, smooth sailing and takes only 45 minutes.

For more information about Mariposa Cruises’ 45 minute tour, hit up the site, fill out your details and pick from one of 5 afternoon times. The boat has a bar on the first level and plenty of seating throughout both levels for the loungers and photographers.

Thanks all and hopefully this inspires you to get out there and enjoy the city. Or at least, enjoy the weekend!

Happy travels!

2 thoughts on “Experience Toronto with a boat cruise

  1. I grew up in Toronto. Miss my hometown. Love reading your posts. They make me homesick 🙂 I also road the 501 many many times….
    Every time I’m in the city which is more often of late, and I see the CN Tower, I know I’m home…..

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