Road Trips from Toronto – Port Dover

By: Jim Bamboulis

There are some really beautiful spots that surround Toronto in all directions. Of course that includes the north shore of Lake Erie. And that’s what we’re exploring in this article. Ontario’s South Coast getting some love with this article. Specifically, Port Dover.

Located about 2 hours SW of Toronto, Port Dover (map), has been described as Canada’s Cape Cod. It has something for everyone, including beach lovers, sunset lovers, hot dog lovers and even bikers. In fact, since 1981 bikers from all over have congregated to this small lake side town for good times every Friday the 13th. 

What to do

You can spend an entire day at the beach. Start your day by taking a walk to the pier, rent a long board, take a dip, worship the sun and then stick around for the epic sunset. With restaurants, palm trees and that serene sound of light waves crashing, Port Dover’s beach looks and feels like something out of the Mediterranean. You’ll find couples, friends and families gathered peacefully on a long stretch of quiet beach, enjoying the summer day. Yes, I knew that there was a beach here but I had no idea that it looked like this! Get here before the summer is out.

Where to eat

All that time on that beach will make you hungry. Port Dover has plenty of food options to choose from. Along Main Street you’ve got a Parisian style bakery (map) and what turned out to be my favourite, The Coffee Shop (map). This is a local gem as far as I’m concerned. Personalized, friendly service, great variety of sandwiches and wraps at reasonable prices with small town ambiance.

If you’re into the bigger boys on the block with fame and food, there are many options too. Just depends what you want. Knechtel’s (map) is close to the beach, has picnic tables out front along the street and which serves up a bunch of dishes ranging from burgers to pickerel.

Want a meal to go with an amazing view of the beach, then try to grab a table at Callahan’s Beach House (map). If you were any closer to the water, you’d be eating in it. People watching with a warm lake breeze, palm trees swaying in the wind. Callahan’s a hot spot for good reason.

One of the biggest draws when it comes to food in Port Dover is The Arbor (map). It will satisfy your hot dog fix. You can’t miss it. It’s been serving up its famous foot longs (aka Ritz Red Hots) for more than 80 years….with so many condiments you’ll load up and watch your hot dog disappear somewhere in the bun. The Arbor is also loved for its French fries, ice cream and unique beverages.

Photo courtesy Margaret Bourne, Suburban Tourist

Where to sleep

Long day at the beach. Plenty of eats. How about some sleep? For a town this small, Port Dover has nearly two dozen places to rest. From cottages to B+B’s, you have options. But if you want to stay in a historical hotel, close to the beach, close to the action, then consider the Erie Beach Hotel (map). It’s a classic low-rise that dates back to the mid-1940s. It has 18 rooms, 2 restaurants and yes, free WiFi.

There you have it y’all. Port Dover. Did I miss something? Let me know.

Happy travels!


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