Tripping it in Kensington Market in Toronto

By: Jim Bamboulis

In my opinion, there’s only a handful of cities in the world where you can comfortably and safely explore different neighbourhoods. Toronto is one of them and I think that’s why Torontonians really love their town.

One of the areas that people really love in TO is Kensington Market. It’s always on the top 3 must-see’s in the city. Personally, I love it because it’s very much a come-as-you-are type of area. Great food, no pretentiousness, the people are real, the artists are friendly, the energy is electric.

I recently went tripping into Kensington and made a little video on Snapchat doing so. In it, I go around town, catch up with a buddy and question some people’s life choices. I also, and this is the most important part, explain a little show called King of Kensington that aired on Canadian TV in the 70s. The show itself was groundbreaking not to mention witty, smart and it wasn’t afraid to tackle many turbulent issues of the day. It captured the essence of Canada and specifically Toronto during that time.

It also did one more special thing. Watch the video and find out what that special thing is. Thanks all and I hope you enjoy my little video.


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