Discovering 3 of the most unique houses in Toronto!

By: Jim Bamboulis

Toronto has loads of beautiful areas with gorgeous houses. But there are a few that really make the city unique, homes so unusual they force you question what you’re looking at.

The Dollhouse in Leslieville – the front lawn is full of dolls, stuffed animals and even signs and M+M characters. I can’t lie – the first thing that came to mind when I saw this house was: What do the neighbours think?

Located near Christie Pits Park, The Wood – as its come to be known – has been a work in progress since 1993. Thousands of corks and coins – among other things make up the exterior.

The Terracota House in West Bend, near The Junction is quite simply a beautiful house. Built in the early 20th century when terracotta tiles were popular, it comes complete with floral reliefs and an aboriginal chief.

Watch the 1-minute vlog and see these amazing houses with your eyes.

Click here to watch this video on awesome houses on YouTube.


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