Weekend Adventures from Toronto – Ouimet Canyon!

By: Jim Bamboulis

Hey y’all!

Last summer, I collaborated with General Motors and Chevrolet Canada on an epic Canadian road trip. Starting in Thunder Bay, Ontario and ending in Toronto, I loaded up the Equinox and was grateful to experience a piece of Canada that I otherwise didn’t know much about.

One BIG TIME natural attraction in northwestern Ontario is Ouimet Canyon Provincial Park. A short walk from the parking lot, you’ll find a trail and a boardwalk that lead you to a site that will make you speechless.

Located about 60km east of Thundery Bay, Ontario, Ouimet Canyon features a gorge that’s 150 metres wide and 2 km long. Sheer cliffs drop 100 metres straight to the canyon floor and arctic plants – normally found about 1000 km north – survive at the bottom of the canyon floor.


Get a real feel for Ouimet Canyon and watch my 1-minute vlog. For more info about the park and what else you can take in, hit up the Ontario Parks website. And of course, subscribe to the Travel Mammal YouTube channel to get more videos of other travel + food experiences worldwide!

About me

IMG-20161106-WA0017.jpgHey y’all. I’m Jim. Cute pic, no? That kid went on to spend 16 years in the broadcast media world before starting up Travel Mammal, a site dedicated to working with brands to promote travel, food and cultural experiences.

Travel Mammal isn’t about the selfie or checking things off a list. It’s about experiencing both the journey and the destination. To breathe, learn and really absorb what’s around you, in the moment and experiencing in a way that is both memorable and meaningful.

Happy travels, y’all.


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