Hamilton, Canada – The Waterfall Capital of the World!

If you still think that Hamilton, Ontario is all smokestacks, steel and Tim Horton’s then you don’t know Hamilton, Ontario! Over the past few years, Steeltown has evolved. These days, if you venture into the city, you’ll find incredible bakeries and badass restaurants – with months-long reservation lists by the way – a refurbished, quaint downtown and increasingly popular waterfront. People are flocking to Hamilton, the place to be.

But don’t call it a comeback!

Hamilton has been home to captivating natural wonders for many years. Just had to know where to look. And these days, knowing, exploring and experiencing Hamilton’s natural beauty is as easy – and popular as ever!

Hamilton, Ontario – 100+ Waterfalls to experience!

When I tell people that Hamilton – yes Hamilton – is the Waterfall Capital of the World, people perk up; their faces look like they’ve been hit with an impossible math question – that they know they can’t answer – but still try.

Because of Hamilton’s location on the Niagara Escarpment, a rock ridge that stretches over 1,500 kilometers across the Great Lakes region, the city has over 100 waterfalls and cascades – many of which are accessible – and all of which are stunning at all times of the year.

Waterfalls during the warmer and colder months

Of course, it’s easier to access and explore the many cascades that the city offers during the warmer months. But, trekking to see them during the colder months is well worth the journey. Waterfall-hopping  – or if you prefer – chasing waterfalls in Hamilton has become a tradition for me as I love to see these natural beauts whenever I get the chance.

Devil’s Punch Bowl
One of my ultimate faves because of its shape, size, and colourful rock layers, Devil’s was created at the end of the last ice age. The waterfall itself has a Lower and Upper Falls (18 feet and 111 feet high respectively) and is one of those waterfalls that make me just stand there and admire it for a while.  

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Always follow the adventure 🏔️ . Getting this photo was definitely an adventure. When we planned to go to Devils Punch Bowl, I thought it was a magnificent frozen waterfall you can walk up to and we were definitely wrong. . It turned out to be a 30 minute hike through snow and frozen water to get to. Even a 2 foot gap in the cliff that required us to latch on to the exposed tree bark and shimmy across!! 🤸🏻‍♀️ . When we finally got to the falls it was absolutely magnificent! I'll share out story on what happened when we were there in the next few posts. . . #sheisnotlost #ladiesgoneglobal #wearetravelgirls #femmetravel #roamtheplanet #passionpassport #beautifuldestinations #darlingescapes #dametraveler #fujifilm #fujifilm_xseries #devilspunchbowl #devilspunchbowlfalls #mattandnat #backpacker #getlost #packandgo #canadagoose #explorecanada #exploreontario #hamiltonfalls #frozenwaterfall #frozenfalls #adventureseeker #alwaystravel #alwaysexplore #manvsnature #brucepeninsulanationalpark #brucepeninsulatrail #hikingtrail

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Albion Falls
Beautiful! One word I use to describe the 62 foot high Albion Falls. Two viewing platforms allow for great vantage points for gazing at the gracefully cascading water.  It wasn’t too long ago that a heavy rainstorm altered the gorge, carving sections out of the earth and shifting the rocks. This, in turn, created a third ‘shelf’ and made the waterfall more accessible than it had ever been. 

Meanwhile, legend has it that Albion’s steep drop is nicknamed “Lovers’ Leap”. The story goes that in the early 19th century, Joseph Rousseau rejected the young Jane Riley who took it very hard. She decided to stand at the top of the cliff and jump to her death.

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Hamilton is the city of waterfalls, and perhaps the waterfall capital of the world! They are equally as magical in the winter. This is Albion Falls, one that is a little too powerful to freeze completely right now. 📸 Albion Falls – Hamilton, Ontario, Canada. . . . . . #discoverON #brucetrail #hamont #ontario #albionfalls #winterhiking #wintergram #getoutandexplore #snowyscene #waterfall #wildandfree #winterwaterfall #nature_perfection #natureisart #natureisamazing #beautifulplaces #beautifuldestinations #theoutbound #getoutthere #travelcanada #canadagram #igcanada #winterwonders #worldingram #wheretonext #shareyournature #hikingadventures #adventureseekers #adventureisoutthere #explorelocal

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Tiffany Falls
Located within a conservation area, only 10 minutes from the parking lot, Tiffany is easy to get to thanks to a well-maintained trail and a small bridge. It also has a great viewing platform for photos.

At 69 feet, Tiffany dries up in the summer months but if you try going after a significant rainstorm, you may be able to see the water falling. During the colder months, Tiffany freezes beautifully. Walk right up to the base and enjoy the stillness of the ice. If you’re bold enough – with permission from the Hamilton Conservation Authority – try ice-climbing! 

Sherman Falls
The falls are on private property – but not to worry. The owners allow the general public to access the trail and view them. Just make sure you respect the rules – and stay on the designated route. Sherman is another graceful, ribbon waterfall and stands 56 feet tall.

Surrounded by luscious forest, these falls are also referred to as Angel Falls and Fairy Falls. The area surrounding Sherman provides for great, and relatively easy hiking – get on the Bruce Trail and trek it to nearby Tiffany or Canterbury Falls.

Borer’s Falls
Surrounded by gorgeous trees, Borer’s Falls stands at almost 50 feet high and has water running down most of the year. So lovely, this waterfall was featured on many city postcards over the years.

Named after the Borer family, who ran a sawmill in the area which, in turn, was the lifeblood of the village of Rock Chapel, Borer’s Falls is also known as Rock Chapel Falls.

For more information about all the waterfalls in the Hamilton area, please refer to this website. It has loads of info about all waterfalls, accessibility, and directions.

Heads up
Some of the waterfalls have become very popular in recent years. That said, you may have to pay an entrance fee to see some of the waterfalls. Some charge a vehicle fee AND a per-person fee.

Here’s a map of the five waterfalls I visited. This should give you a pretty good idea about time and distance between them. Some are very close to each other, some not. Plan your route and enjoy as many as you can.

Have you been to the Hamilton waterfalls?  Which ones do you recommend visitors check out?  Hit up the comment section below.

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