Travel Mammal is an online magazine. The articles on travelmammal.com are written and edited by me, Jim Bamboulis – all views and opinions are my own. The goal of this online magazine is to share unique experiences ranging from road tripping and hiking to city adventures and food/restaurants.

Travel Mammal accepts forms of sponsorship and/or other forms of compensation. Any form of compensation received that influences the content or topics of Travel Mammal will be clearly identified in the post as paid or sponsored work.

Any product claim, statistic, quote or other representation about a product or service should be verified with the manufacturer or provider.

Product and Service Reviews

Related products and services (accommodations, restaurants, events, attractions, tours, etc.) are occasionally reviewed on Travel Mammal. In every article, I only express honest feedback (good and bad) about the experience I’ve gotten from an item, destination, hotel, product, etc.

I only review products and services that cater to Travel Mammal’s core demographic and categories (travel, photography, food, culture and experiences). I don’t review products/services that don’t fit with my interests, my readers’ interests or demographics. And I don’t do advertorials. However, if you want me to review your service and/or product, it must be available in Canada. I review all pitches just to make sure it fits with my platform.

Are you a brand, retailer or organization? Want me to try your product and/or service and write a detailed review? Contact me and provide as much relevant information as possible. The more that you include, the more detailed the review. That includes:

  • A press release
  • Where it is available (if applicable) and retail price
  • Product photo or related photo

Any products sent to me for trial will not be returned once used. 

IMPORTANT: For delivery of products, Travel Mammal is and will not be responsible for any duties, shipping costs or brokerage fees related to products for review.

Product Giveaways and Contests

I love sending my readers to events that they will love. That being said, I’m open to running contest and prize package giveaways for products or services (tickets to travel, food and cultural events or attractions, tours etc.) that suit Travel Mammal’s demographic and readers core interests (travel, food, culture, experiences). Get in touch!

Just keep in mind that the majority of Travel Mammal readers are located in Canada. Service-based prizes should be redeemed in the Greater Toronto Area. Regarding product-based prizes, I will post a photo of the product on my site, travelmammal.com, with review. For it, I would like the product shipped to me (at no cost to me) for review. An additional product prize should be reserved for the winner. And please please please, deliver the prize(s) to the winner directly, not to me.

All reviews will be promoted via social channels, including Facebook and Twitter. Meanwhile, entrants to contests will submit a ballot and meet required qualifications. Please keep in mind that if your request involves more than 2 hours of my time, please consider paying me. It’s respectful and you’ll get the results that you want.

All giveaways will be promoted and run between one to three weeks, giving your brand, product/service awareness and exposure to my blog readers and followers on Facebook and Twitter. Links to your website or product/service page will be provided.