Going insane? Might be the water

By: Travel Mammal

Millions of places around the World have their own unique historical tales.  Urban legends, local folklore, told repeatedly and passed down from generation to generation.  Often when we hear of them, we smile and pass it off as cute stories told by grandparents and even great-grandparents who have nothing else to do than relay information that is inaccurate and more often than not extremely exaggerated.

But we still love to hear them.

Of course the older the location, the more appreciation we have for the story and the storyteller.  Rhodes is definitely one of those places.   2500 years of history has to produce some kick ass stories, don’t ya think?

First, a little background.

On the islands’ northern tip sits the capital, Rhodes City, which was home to one of the Seven Wonders of the World, the Colossus of Rhodes. The island has a very rich history and exhilarated millions of visitors over the centuries.  At present, it continues to exude exceptional beauty and contagious charm.   The latter seems to be especially true in Psinthos, a very small village with a population of 800, located inland and nestled between the mountains about 30 kilometers south of the capital.  Residents and perhaps even past visitors have a story to tell about the river that runs through this part of the island.

(Image courtesy: http://www.faliraki-info.com)

In fact, stories surrounding the Fasouli  Spring have traveled throughout the world and in the process, have become legendary.  What do I mean?  According to local folklore, taking a sip from the Fasouli could result in one of two things:

1.  One could be married at least twice in life.

2. One could go insane altogether.

Being a predominately oral tradition, official records of these incidents are unconfirmed.  But ask anyone in the village today about the ‘Fasouli Effect’ and they will have a story to tell you over some Retsina, Ouzo or some of the best seafood you’ll ever put in your mouth!  They could also probably explain the correlation between a small village population and the fact that this once flowing, meandering river which supplied voluminous amounts of water to locals has dried up substantially.

So go ahead and drink up.  After all, what could really happen?


Rodos is my soul-mate

By: Travel Mammal

I look up at the clear, blue, eternal sky.  It joins hands with two endless, royal blue Seas.

I close my eyes and feel a surreal warmth come over me; inhale intoxicating scents of chamomile and mint coming from the mountains.  Subtle waves crash into the beaches from top to bottom, feeding the land with history, passion and millions of tales.  I can feel 4000 years of history emanating around me and penetrating my core.

I’m speechless, swept up, emotional. The island is my soul-mate.

I have returned. I kiss the tarmac.

My passport may say “Canadian” but my heart and soul says Rhodian!


First time visitors to Rodos always start planning their next visit minutes after landing.  In fact, Rodos captivates everyone immediately thanks to its countless beaches, rich history, passionate people and of course quality food.  This island has something for everyone and that’s the true appeal.

For me, it’s strikes a personal chord.  My mother is from Rodos and seeing that I’m closest with her, I consider myself to be almost one with this place.  It grips me in every way. Powerful emotions rush through every time I touch down here and every time I even think about it.   I can’t explain it, really.

Toronto-born, Greek-raised, Rodos-inspired.

Golden Blue Coastline

I’m not going to go into the entire history, myths and of course natural beauty that dominates this island paradise.  I’m also not going to talk about important roles it has played throughout time.  You can all look that up if you like and believe me, it’s worth taking a look.

Rodos has something for everyone and taking a drive around the entire island is an experience that will make you feel as if you’re sitting next to the Creator. The Valley of the Butterflies is magical as is the contrast between Old City charm and New City modernity. The UN has deemed Rodos to be a UNESCO World Heritage Site.  And what about Cleopatra’s extreme love for Rodos.  What did she do to replicate it in Egypt?  Look it up, people.

A Grand Entrance!
Medieval avenue

What I really wanted to share with you was my deep, unexplainable connection to one of this planets’ most beautiful places.  We all have one place that completely mystifies us with the power it holds over us.  It’s created by a special event, a special person.  It’s a spark that lasts forever.  In my case, it’s a blood line.

It appears that I have a Rodos gene. No complaints.

Sky. Castle. Sea

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