Eat your pizza slice right!

By: Jim Bamboulis

The other day, I saw a young girl in her 20’s eating a pizza slice on a step. The slice was a supreme, loaded.

She looked inexperienced, poor girl. Despite using both hands, toppings kept falling off. Mushroom here, olive there. It was a mess.

I shook my head, looked away and wondered. What happened?

When I was a kid in the 80’s, I watched my older cousins eat pizza. Over and over again, they would eat the slice in one particular way.

The big city way.

And they would instill that knowledge onto me, the next generation of pizza eaters, in hopes that I carry forth the tradition, to teach others the only proper way to eat a pizza slice.

Fold and Eat
Fold and Eat (Photo credit: Kevin H.)


Naturally. Right?

Well according to this generation, it’s not so common knowledge.

Yes, I realize I’m talking about pizza slices and yes I realize that I sound old. But for those who truly understand where I’m coming from, folding a pizza slice is an art form. And it’s disappearing.

Kids today don’t know what they’re doing. Pizza folding skills have deteriorated. Knowledge passed down from generation to generation? Doesn’t look like it.

I thought about going over and giving the young girl some pointers.

But I thought about what the conversation might sound like, so I snapped out of it and continued on my way. After all, I didn’t want to run the risk of getting knocked out. Or worse.

My first Neapolitan pizza, in the kitchen, wit...
Photo credit: travelingmcmahans

Call me old-fashioned but the right way to eat a slice is to fold it and forget it.

No stress. No mess. If anything, the compacted toppings pack a bigger punch and a folded slice also requires the use of only one hand.


Fold it and control the slice before the slice controls you.


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