North America

Tim Hortons Invades Nunavut

By: Travel Mammal

I guess expanding to the United States was a far easier endeavor, not to mention much more profitable, than opening up shop in one of the coldest, most desolate and barren parts of the country, probably even the World. I would also guess that having a location in one of the most war-torn regions of the World, Kandahar, Afghanistan, was also more understandable seeing as several thousands troops are over there, serving and sacrificing. Having a “Timmy’s” on or near the base does wonders for psyche and morale.

I’m talking of course about Tim Horton‘s, Canada’s other sport, if you will. After years of emerging and eventually dominating the coffee shop market in Canada, the powers that be took the plunge into cooler Arctic waters this week, by opening a coffee shop literally in the middle of nowhere!

Nowhere of course being the newest Canadian Territory, Nunavut.

What’s interesting about Nunavut is the fact that it’s the largest in geography of the Provinces and Territories in Canada and yet it’s the least populous. Just think, it’s roughly the size of Western Europe and has a population of just under 30,000 (I didn’t count them, got that from Wikipedia). And considering temperatures get down to, well I don’t know, let’s say ridiculously and unbearably beyond freezing cold, you’d think T-Ho’s would have sent up a well-bundled-up team of men and women to scope out locations where the locals could drop in, warm up and enjoy a cup of java for a low-low price of $1.30 long ago. Instead, it took them this long.

A sample vehicle registration plate of Nunavut.
Image via Wikipedia

Nunavut is indeed the last province/territory without a Tim Horton’s location. So the obvious question is, Why now? Why did it take this long for Tim Horton’s to get there? What needed to happen for Tim Horton’s to see that their product would be well received and consumed in Nunavut? Did the good people of this forgotten, virtually unknown Territory not deserve a dependable, well-brewed double-double in the past?

Does it even matter? Probably not so much.

What matters is the fact that Nunavut, has now officially been welcomed into the Commonwealth. Nunavut, with its rich history, unique perspective, bountiful culture and distinct language has now officially become a “hoser”. Beware the spread of Tim Horton’s Nunavut. Once it grabs hold of you, it doesn’t let go that easily. Good luck trying to ease the grip of a French Cruller or a Chocolate Dip donut. Don’t even get me started on the Timbits!

One bite and you’ll never be the same!


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