By: Jim Bamboulis

When I was in Iceland a few months ago I met a guy who worked in the Skogar Museum. He spoke fluent English as many Icelanders do but the way he spoke, his style was very much Canadian and American. I asked him where he was from and he told me the Westfjords. NW Iceland, a huge area covered with mountains with a rugged coastline and glaciers. 

He told me that you could spend a week in the Westfjords alone, it was that beautiful. Then he added, “but dude, nothing beats the Canadian Rockies”.

And with that, I was both upset with myself and eager to…not be upset with myself anymore. If a guy from Iceland has to tell me about the beauty of my own country, then it was time to visit parts of my own country.

That being said, I recently visited the Canadian Rockies, pulled out my camera and took some video. Did the trip with a couple of my closest friends and took the Icefields Parkway. A 2-lane highway that links Banff National Park with Jasper National Park.

This highway is usually done much more safely in the summer but the winter brings another beauty all its own.  Regardless of the season, there is NO better way to get up close to one of the worlds most beautiful sights. An experience never forgotten.

If you like road trips that give you that added bonus of perspective, then a trip along the Icefields is a BIG recommendation.

Do you have a favourite road trip? Share your thoughts.


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