Elora, ON

Elora and The Gorge

By: Jim Bamboulis

If a friend of mine didn’t mention it, I wouldn’t have known about it.

Much less consider checking it out.

Elora, Ontario is about an hour and a half drive west of Toronto.  It’s a small town with a few thousand people at most.  Overlooked and overshadowed by other, more notable day trip destinations, Elora proves that it can stand up with the best of them.  A pristine clean, very cute, boutique filled town, there is a community wide fascination with everything Paris.  So much so that if there wasn’t already a Paris, Ontario, residents would probably sign a petition to have the town’s name changed. 

But another big draw in Elora is the nearby Gorge.  In fact, it attracts hikers, water tubers, and kayakers who look for both the rush of decent currents and the serenity of a calm river.

Check out the pictures for yourselves.  And Elora location details too.

Elora offers an alternative to the same old day trips from Toronto.  Don’t get me wrong, Niagara Falls and other popular destinations are can’t miss, but Elora has a small town allure with a splash of adventure.  Check out the map below.




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