Take the bus in Mexico. It’s awesome!

By: Travel Mammal

On my continuing journey through the heart of Mexico, we decided to travel from Guadalajara to Cuernavaca, a city about 350 miles (560 km) to the southeast. The trip to Cuernavaca takes on average about 7 hours by car. If you’re a road-tripper, then you’ll have a great time doing the drive and experiencing Mexico’s countryside not to mention devouring the muy delicioso local cuisine.

Prefer to have someone else drive? That’s not a bad idea. In fact, if you’re looking to avoid the hassle, headaches and sometimes tricky maneuvering that comes with driving in unfamiliar countries, there is a very clear alternative: Take the bus!

Admittedly, before this trip, I didn’t know much about the incredible bus network within Mexico. I knew it was a big country but I always assumed people either drove or flew to where they wanted to go. Little did I know that the bus is among the most popular modes of travel, if not the most popular, by the majority of people. It’s affordable, fairly clean, comfortable and efficient!

Except for the bathroom on-board. That’s always a gamble no matter what.

There are several bus companies that operate within the country. On this trip, we decided to go with ETN. Considered to be one of the more luxurious lines, these buses carry only 24 passengers. Each is greeted with a sandwich and drink while boarding the bus, reserved seats, en route movies, air conditioning and reclining seats that go almost entirely horizontal! If you like to sleep and feel like you’re in your own living room while traveling, then you might consider this bus line.

I mentioned affordability….a 1-way Deluxe class ticket from GDL to Cuernavaca cost $60 Canadian (there is also First Class and Second Class travel…if you can swing it, don’t take any chances. Splurge for the Deluxe; it’s definitely worth it).

Considering the luxurious amenities mentioned above, this was a great deal! Tickets were bought at a local supermarket but you can also buy them at the bus station itself. And what was supposed to be a 7-hour bus trip was only 5 1/2….and one of the smoothest in recent memory. Impressive and pleasurable experience from start to finish and one that I recommend for anyone looking for a safe and doable alternative to getting around within Mexico. For more info about booking, check out this website: Ticket Bus.

Safe Travels!


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