Eating in Tepoztlan

By: Travel Mammal

Mexico, unfairly in my opinion, gets a repetitively bad rap. Sure, it has its problems but beneath the constant barrage of media reports, is a beautiful country full of life, passion and spirit.

Not to mention food that will make you full…of life, passion and spirit.

During one trip to Mexico, I can remember eating so much that every time our car went over a rough patch of road, my belly would rattle and roll. At that point, I knew that I had to kick my fitness into high gear but I also knew that the food ride was a good one.

Northern Mexico is known for its love of meat. If you don’t eat meat in northern Mexico, you’re out of luck eating much at all. Sure there are salads but nobody seems to take them, or their health benefits seriously.

Meanwhile, in the south, meat still plays an important role but the cuisine in general isn’t so heavy.

But right in the middle, lies the sweet spot.

In a place like Tepoztlan, located about an hour south of Mexico City and is a.k.a Pueblo Magico, all sorts of great food is consumed and savoured. For me, it’s all about eating up real quesadillas at the local market. Tortillas hand-made and fresh, with Oaxaca cheese at the ready and chorizo on the grill at any given second.

If you’re not hungry yet, you may start to feel your stomach calling for you after watching this video. Enjoy!

Do you have your own amazing dining experiences in Tepoztlan, Mexico?

We’d love to hear from you.

Share your restaurant recommendations, new hot spots and old classics and help other travellers enjoy what you’ve been loving!


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