Cannon Beach, Oregon

More than a rock

By: Travel Mammal

I can smell the Ocean.  It’s around the corner.  Round the bend, we enter Cannon Beach.  Not too many people talk about Oregon’s coast.  California gets all the attention.  First time here. Don’t know what to expect.

That’s perfect. Love the unexpected. Especially when it’s a pleasant surprise.

An hour or so south of the Washington-Oregon border and about an hour west of Portland, Cannon Beach is a small seaside community. The type of town that probably welcomes new residents with apple pie, maybe even brownies and seafood.

West coast, laid back. What’s the rush after all?  You’re on the edge of the continent. Sit, relax, have a drink and look out over the horizon. I do. With pleasure.  And in doing so, I’m amazed at what I see.

With any coastline, you expect to see beauty.  Sand, water and maybe even a cliff or two.  Take some pictures and move on.  But Cannon Beach has something more. In fact, its most popular attraction was unknown to me until I saw it myself.

Haystack Rock.

A massive, awe-inspiring, jagged rock rising from the Ocean and sitting a few feet from the beach. It’s that moment during a trip that you’re hit with something so unexpected, that you’re forced to sit and process what you’re looking at, what’s happening, where you are.

Ever have that moment?

If you like seeing popular attractions during peak seasons, then May through September is your time of the year.  But there’s also a beauty to this attraction during the winter months as well.  Rain and strong winds add a certain je ne sais quoi  to this giant piece of protruding basalt.


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