Take your gum and stick it to the wall

By: Travel Mammal

Seattle.  Fairly clean, pretty green with at least 3 National Parks and gorgeous landscape surrounding it.  Shitty traffic though; enough to turn West Coast cool into East Coast rage.

I’ve been there twice and both times I discovered new stuff. Most recently, it was the Gum Wall, aka, the Great Gum Wall of Seattle.  

When I was a kid I put my chewed up gum under the desk. So did you.  About 20 years ago, a few people took it to a new level.  And this new level turned into a popular downtown Seattle attraction.

Considered one of the germiest attractions on the Planet (along with the Blarney Stone), Seattle’s Gum Wall is a somewhat hidden point of interest, located within the infamous Pike Market but below and slightly off the main market drag.

It’s not so much a single gum wall as it is several gum walls.  An impressive compilation of gum built up and stuck on over the past 2 decades. 

The clever ones get creative, take a bunch of their own gum and combine it with their friends gum to make a giant gum ball. The more boring types just take pictures. The adventurous take pictures of themselves licking the gum.  

I wonder if Seattleites like having this attraction? Sure, the Space Needle and the Market get a lot of the legit attention. Personally, I dig it. It’s a unique oddity that makes a city dynamic and different.  It seems cities everywhere these days have a tall building they count on for identity and pride.  But few can boast about the legend and history of an attraction that makes everyone smile and adds a truly endearing quality to an ever-changing city like Seattle.

Want to stick it where it belongs?  Map and details below. 


Under the bridge

By: Travel Mammal

A while ago, I wrote about the Great Gum Wall of Seattle.  Yummy.

And in my quest to see unusual attractions, I was told to drive a bit north of the downtown Seattle core. To find the Emerald City’s Fremont Troll. An 18 foot high sculpture built by 4 Artists nearly 25 years ago. Their goal was to create something that would help clean up this area of the city, through art.

It worked.

The Fremont Troll is a major attraction. And as you’ll see, young and old still like to climb  on it, pose in front of it and just stare at it.


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