Pitch me!

I love hearing from people, asking me to pitch ideas and having ideas pitched to me. Either way, I enjoy win-win situations where each party gets the most of an idea. Here are some handy tips on how to get get in touch effectively.

Let’s get personal

Please don’t start your pitch with the word “Dear” or “Mr.” If the goal is to work together, let’s go on a first name basis. Call me Jim. Let’s play on an equal playing field. Get to know me a bit better but going to my About page, go through my site, get a sense of who I am and what I love by reading some of my articles. If you like what you see and you feel we would make a good fit, give me a shout.

You can also follow me on Facebook, Twitter, InstagramIn other words, get in touch, let’s chat about topics, brands and/or products that we can both connect with. Let’s build a relationship where everyone is happy.

I have to experience it 

I’m very much the type of person who learns more about a product by using it. More about a service by seeing and experiencing it. Product experience is key. That being said, if you would like a review of a product or service, I really recommend that I be given the chance to experience it for myself. To really get a feel for it and in turn, produce a more in-depth and relevant review. I would rather get my hands dirty (sorta-speak) than receive a press release. When it comes to money, let’s be real. We all have bills to pay. If you want an article with social media promotion, we should talk rates.

Sold in Canada?

Most of loyal readers are from Canada. If your product or service isn’t available in Canada, we will find many more challenges to work together. You would like people to enjoy what you offer…and I would like my readers to enjoy it too.

Creative License is important

It doesn’t matter whether you’re buying milk or a new car. We all want to be assured that we’re investing in is of value.

You have the right to follow up and ask about how the article is going, make sure priorities are being met and deadlines are on track. After all, you’re investing and trusting in me to get a job done.

However, give credit to where its warranted. I know how to write effectively and I understand the importance of attaching a link to the product page as well as your brand’s Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, etc. handle to an article or photo, where applicable. Ask about other angles and ideas, question my approach, correct me if there’s a mistake. I only ask that you just be polite about it. It’s a 2-way street of understanding, respect and trust.