Video Production

Here’s a great fact:  Before the end of the decade, online video will account for nearly 70% of all consumer internet traffic. Safe to say that video plays a huge role in marketing today and its role will only increase in the coming years.

If you’re a food, travel or cultural organization and you want travelers to know about your brand and the experiences that you provide, there’s no better way to do that than with video. And we want to hear about you and your media needs.

At Travel Mammal, we understand that picking a media company to accurately illustrate your vision is tough. We also understand that it ultimately comes down to trust. And we feel very proud to have delivered dependability, trust and execution to several organizations. In fact, we’ve been trusted to develop videos for international travel industry leaders as well as local start-ups for over 10 years.

Contact us today.

We work with you and take great pride in creating custom-tailored productions that will accurately reflect your branding needs. Please take a look at the videos below as examples of our work and what we can do for you. We look forward to hearing from and collaborating with you in the near future.

Meet the Videographer

Jay Marchese
Videographer, Photographer, Editor

Jay Marchese, Videographer, Editor + Photographer

I see each project I work on as an opportunity to challenge and expand my creativity and skills. I greatly enjoy working on and contributing to projects with a clear end vision.


Ryerson University, Colon Cancer Canada & Dine.TO

Canon5D Mark2 camera, Canon7D camera, wide variety of lens & audio gear

Must have’s on every shoot:
Blackberry, Duct Tape, small tool kit, a pen!


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