Work with us

Hey there and welcome to Travel Mammal.

You want to promote your travel, food and cultural experiences – and we want to help you do it! Here’s how we can get it done together.

Digital Storytelling 

We listen to your objectives and write articles that illustrate the authentic, one-of-a-kind experiences that only your brand provides. Whether it be a travel, food or a cultural experience, our writers ensure that each article is both engaging and entertaining.


We take pride in being able to capture the essence of your brand with photos. Always professional and always courteous, we have a keen eye, capturing and showcasing both the big picture and finer details. Please refer to the Portfolio page for more examples of our work.



With over 17 years of professional media production experience, it’s no wonder we’ve been trusted to develop videos for international travel industry leaders as well as local start-ups for over 10 years. We understand that picking a media company to accurately illustrate your vision is tough. It ultimately comes down to trust. We feel very proud to have delivered dependability, trust and execution for several organizations.



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