An Interview with Bruce Poon Tip, Founder of G-Adventures

I recently had the pleasure of sitting down with the Founder of G-Adventures, Bruce Poon Tip, at Base Camp in Toronto.

In this very in-depth, rapid-fire style interview, we talk business and we get personal.

Bruce speaks about many things including how his personal travel style has evolved over the years and seeing the world through “new eyes”, the importance of getting out of your comfort zone, how Nirvana reminds him of the Amazon, his definition of freedom, what inspires him the most, risks, regrets, fears, compassion, how tourism impacts lives across the world and why he still considers himself a student of leadership.

Whether you’re a traveller or aspiring entrepreneur, this interview will give you an incredible insight about not only Bruce the man but also about the importance of a rock-hard work ethic, dealing with adversity and how you can lead by example.

Enjoy Travel Mammal Podcast #5, an interview with Bruce Poon Tip.

Happy travels!

Remember when it felt like Autumn outside?

By: Jim Bamboulis

Ah yes November. Not officially winter yet but it’s starting to feel like it with every passing day. And if you live in many parts of the US and Canada these days, the Polar Apocalypse as I like to call it (Polar Vortex sounds too…weak), you may think it’s the middle of January already.

The good news is, it’s not mid-January. The bad news is, well see previous paragraph.

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What are you doing Thursday November 20?

Hey all,

If you’ve been following Travel Mammal, and I know you have, then you know about a recent contest we ran to the Gentlemen’s Expo in downtown Toronto.

If you’re thinking, oh man I never win, well here’s a chance to maybe prove yourself wrong.

We’re running another contest. This time, we’re picking 2 lucky people to hit what is by far one of the biggest food and drink events of the year!

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