4 guys. 1 Signal Hill

By: Jim Bamboulis

We looked around. Looked up at the hill then looked at each other. Some dreaded the thought of it, others relished the chance.

In the end, we all agreed to do it. To climb Signal Hill.

What we experienced was phenomenal!

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Eating out in Kensington Market on $10

By: Jim Bamboulis

Kensington Market is the kind of place that has some sort of cosmic force that lures you in and takes hold of you for a while…or at least for an entire afternoon.

Free-spirited, vibrant and often festive, the Market is packed with small, independently owned shops that truly reflect its unique charm. In fact, you won’t find any big chains around this area. Don’t ask anyone either, you might get the cut eye.

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6 to see + do in Guadalajara, Mexico

By: Jim Bamboulis

Let’s be honest, Guadalajara isn’t on your travel bucket list.

It certainly wasn’t on mine.

But maybe after reading this post, you may consider penciling it in. Do people even use pencils anymore?

Here’s the truth. Guadalajara is Mexico’s 2nd largest city. It stands up to the competition quite well. Sure, it has a long-standing arch nemesis (Mexico City), but it plays second fiddle to nobody.  It’s classy, sophisticated and takes care of itself just fine.

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Cathedral, Zocalo

Mexico City. 3 sites, 24 hours

By: Jim Bamboulis

From 15,000 feet up in the air, as we approach the airport, the first word comes to mind when I first gaze upon this city is,  heavy.

Heavy, because I can’t imagine what all of this development along with 22 million people weighs. Weird thought, right?

The second word that comes to mind is, shit. Oddly enough, I thought about where all the shit that these millions of people extract from their bodies goes everyday?

Another weird thought, right?  Yes.

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