Interview with Hrönn Marinósdóttir, Festival Director, Reykjavik International Film Festival

By: Jim Bamboulis

I recently sat down with Hrönn Marinósdóttir, the very busy Festival Director for the Reykjavik International Film Festival (RIFF).

We talked film in Iceland, the humble beginnings of RIFF, the obstacles the festival has faced, the unique ways film goers can watch a film here (it involves swimming pools and caves) and of course, where the festival goes from here. I thank Hrönn for taking time out of our day to spend some time.

If you love venturing to off-the-beaten-path adventures sprinkled with culture, then RIFF is for you.

Enjoy the interview and happy travels!

An interview with Auður Ösp – Founder, I Heart Reykjavík

By: Jim Bamboulis

I had the pleasure of sitting down with Auður Ösp recently at Nora Magasin in central Reykjavik.

Auður is the Founder of I Heart Reykjavík, a travel blog and walking tour company based in Iceland’s Capital.

We spoke in-depth about her understandably intense love for country and city (what’s not to love about this place!), the early days of her blog, memories she has traveling around Iceland as a child and how she went from natural introvert to a world recognized tour operator!

Fore more information about Auður, Reykjavik and Iceland in general (the info she provides helped me HUGE) and of course to sign up for her awesome walking tour, visit I Heart Reykjavik.

Enjoy the interview and happy travels!

Reykjavikian graffiti

 By: Jim Bamboulis

Before I went to Iceland, I was told to keep an eye out for the graffiti in Reykjavik, it’s pretty wild and very creative.

What’s the big deal. Graffiti is graffiti. For me, it’s at best a passing fancy, anyway. I don’t pay attention to it unless it blows me away visually, makes a wicked symbolic message or takes me into the mind of the artist.

But as I kept learning more about Icelandic sense of humour and dry sarcastic communication style, I thought to pay closer attention to the awesome drawings on the walls.

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Killer Kolours

By: Jim Bamboulis

They may not be in full colour change mode just yet but thousands of trees around Toronto are starting to look pretty awesome.

Hard to miss the miraculous changes going on.

Here are a few pics I snapped walking around the east end of the city as well as midtown.


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“If it was sunny, it wouldn’t make for a great story” – Me, on the Golden Circle tour in Iceland

By: Jim Bamboulis

On Sunday, the Icelandic weather service issued a warning for Monday.

100km/hour winds,  several inches of rain, visibility drastically limited. Don’t go out unless you have to and if you drive, be extra careful. We were gearing up for a monsoon.

Do  you think that kind of forecast changes plans for the average Icelander? Doubt it. It’s business as usual.

And that includes bus tours. Including my bus tour.

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